Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More Good Recipe Links

Crockpot365: Lots of Crockpot recipes here.
1001 Cocktails and Mixed Drinks
Very long listing of all kinds of recipes. Ethnic, crockpot. Searchable. 75,000+ recipes.
1000 quick and easy recipes. Catregorized only.
Back of Box Recipes
Divided by category. Search capability. 200+ recipes.
Global Gourmet
Thousands of recipes, listed and categorized.
Channel 5 Eyewitness Recipes
Lots of good, interesting recipes. Categorized, several ways to view lists. Not searchable.
Chuck Wagon Diner Lots of Camping/Foil recipes. Cache Lots of recipes here!
Many recipes, search and list by category.
Tons of chicken recipes, indexed by part, cuisine, preparation style. Searchable, too.
Emeril Lagasse's Recipes
Quite a few recipes with a good search capability. Lots of Quick and Easy, and other categorized recipes.
Food Geeks
Lots of recipes, categories and subcategories (must sift through a lot). Search function.
Food Network
Tons of information: Food Chef recipes, ethnic recipes, terms, holiday and more. Searchable.
Has many recipes, many categories, searchable. Seasonal recipes, info also.
Searchable by category or type of recipe (Has crockpot and restraunt replicas. Not many desserts). 6000+ recipes.
Inn Keeper Recipes
Hundreds of breakfast-brunch type recipes from Inn Keepers. Also lunch/dinner recipes. Good recipes!
1st Traveler's Choice Internet Cookbook
Many good recipes from Bed & Breakfasts, etc. Heavy on breakfast/brunches. No search, but categorized.
International Recipes
1000's of recipes, good search capability but hard to just browse through categories.
KOA Recipes Lots of camping recipes.
Lisa's Cooking Cache
Recipes that can be searched by category or keyword. Has crockpot, etc.
Meals For You
Over 8000 recipes, categorized several different ways, searchable. Other info also.
Mean Chef Recipes Lots of recipes, most spicy.
Many recipes for easy 20-minute meals, divided by type of meal (chicken, beef, pasta, etc.)
Mountain Breeze Kitchen
Recipes for: Potatoes, kids, breakfast, country style, and holiday recipes. Not searchable, but good site!
My Cookbook
Public cookbook contains 7300 searchable recipes. Lots of recipes, hard to view all at once, etc. (cezovski)
Project Foodie Recipes from San Jose Mercury News, Gourmet, and other cooking magazines.
Lots of recipes, divided by category/type, then searchable.
Recipe Center
Has 100,000 recipes. Great search capability, several categories, seasonal information. Good site!
Search 20,000 recipes, first by category, title, or text--then they are listed alphabetically.
Recipe Finder
Recipe Finder has good search capability, searching several sources, categories, etc.
Recipe Kitchen
Categorized recipes. Some good breakfast recipes. Also crockpot, etc.
Red Lobster
Seafood recipes from Red Lobster restaurant.
Shrimp Recipes
Many recipes for shrimp.
Star Chefs
Lots of recipes, but not categorized. Must search for them. Good recipes, not-so-good interface.
Top Secret Recipes
Many recipes from the Top Secret Books (from restaurants, etc.). Listed only alphabetically.
Lots of recipes, but you can't see them. You have to type in search criteron (categorized); 1000+.
Web Recipes
Very long list of recipes which are categorized. Includes crockpot. Searchable.
Trader Joes
Recipes from Trader Joe fans!
Al and Abagail's Country Place
List of recipes by category, including ethnic and holiday recipe ideas.
Cafe Creosote
Indexed recipes with a search capability.
Chef Easy
Lots of recipes, searchable and categorized. Other information also.
Cooking With Spirits
Only a few recipes, but they are interesting ones that use rum, brandy, wine, etc.
Culinary Cafe
Divided into categories. Not too many recipes within each category. Contains hints, chat, etc. 200+
Fabulous Foods
Some recipes (incl. camping; lots of "how-to's", especially seasonal info/help/recipes.
I Love Pasta
250 recipes for pasta. Well divided and searchable.
Online Home Cooking
Mediocre search function. Over 5000 recipes. Other information, seasonal, etc.
Poop Pantry Dog Recipes
Lots of recipes for your dog!
2000 and 1999 submitted recipes by theme; 1998 by international area. No search feature.
Sam the Cooking Guy: Lots of fun recipes.
Categorized recipes. Nice selection (includes International).
Smitten Kitchen Has a lot of "from scratch" recipes and colorful pictures.
600+ searchable recipes. Desserts, holiday appropriate recipes.
Copy-cat type recipes from rastaurants. Not too many recipes, but lots of links and information.
Texas Cooking
300 recipes Texas-style. Good search/categories. Recipes for ribs, and many Texas-type recipes.
What's For Dinner Tonight?
Recipe archives divided into categories. Interesting, very easy recipes. Not searchable. Other info.

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